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Diesel Gala 18-19 September 2004

Provisional Locomotive Roster

Subject to availability
Resident Locomotives Notes Quest Locomotives Notes
20 227  Maroon livery  73 119  Confirmed- Arrived 
    73 138  Confirmed- Arrived 
50 007  Standby    All locos are subject to availability 

Passenger trains to consist of 6 bogies

Please Note:

There has been a rumor circulating that the Gala will feature Class 58 locomotives. Unfortunately this is a hoax that has been perpetuated by an unknown person, who has been ringing various people and organisations, including the MRC, stating that these locomotives will be at the Gala. It is confirmed that there will not be any Class 58's at the September Gala.

Where to find us

Public Transport

Derby or Alfreton rail stations, then by bus to the MRC. Trent services 91 and 92 operate from Derby, and services 91, 92, 93 and 94 operate from Alfreton station right past the centre.

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Last updated 16 September 2004