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Report on Diesel Gala 5-6 April 2003

The normal MDG gala format of a continuous 35 minute service between 10:00 and 16:25 was operated, with loco changes taking place at Hammersmith and associated light engine movements between Swanwick and Hammersmith. Two Deltics (9 & 19) plus five of our domestic fleet were in traffic. It had been planned to use 45 133, but this was withdrawn the previous weekend due to the air system not being certified.


Saturday - Overcast and quite cool in the morning, but brightened up during the afternoon, finishing sunny and quite warm.

Sunday - Overcast and quite cold throughout.

Locomotives Used

D7671  -   1 solo + 1 D/H trip (with 45 041) both days 
31 271  -   2 trips both days 
33 201  -   2 trips both days 
37 190  -   2 trips both days 
45 041  -   1 solo + 1 D/H trip (with D7671) both days 
D9009  -   1 solo + 1 D/H trip (with 55 019) both days 
55 019  -   1 solo + 1 D/H trip (with D9009) both days 


Following an inspection of Hammersmith West loop points on Friday, it was decided that all L/E movements back to Swanwick would be via the East Loop crossover, following the departure of the down passenger train.

Saturday - Apart from a minor hic-cup with the Swanwick - Hammersmith tablet machine first thing in the morning, which was soon sorted out, no problems occurred and trains ran to time.

Sunday - Again, no operating problems and all trains ran to time.

Report by: Alan Calladine

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